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Shark's all new Compression Suit is perfect for wearing under your motorcycle apparel or Even for training and other sports 

Key improvements include:
- Improved materials for Comfort & Mobility
- Better Stitching
- More athletic "cut" for better fit.

Key Benefits include: 
Maintain body warmth 
Help improve blood circulation 
Helps reduce muscle fatigue 
Wick sweat away from the body 
Make wearing leathers more comfortable and easier to move in 
Makes a leather suit function better with less friction against the body 
Makes leathers easier to put on and pull off. 
Helps the body recover
Not just designed for Motorbikes but can be used in many different factors: Gym, Other Sports, Training

This compression set is what you've been looking for if it's for your racing, track days or even general commuting or long rides on the bike. Shark's Compression suit has been made for the sporting industry, They are designed to keep warmth in the muscles, reduce fatigue and even wick sweat away from your body. With less friction against the body it will make it mush easier to move around on the bike and also take your suit off and put it on.

Size Chart

*Please note if you are at the low end of a new size if you would like a tight fit you can order a size down. This is just a guide*

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