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How to buy a motorcycle helmet

Heads up! Buying a motorcycle helmet is one of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment you can buy. When it comes to protecting your brain, you want the best helmet you can afford. Whether you're a beginner rider or have been riding for years, our buying guide to purchasing a motorcycle helmet should help demystify the decision process. Buying a motorcycle helmet requires a great deal of research for the right type of helmet and fit.

Never buy a second-hand helmet

While it might be tempting to purchase a second-hand helmet, we strongly advise against it. And not just because we'd like you to purchase your next motorcycle helmet from Shark Leathers. This is a classic mistake learner riders make. When you've already shelled out for a bike, riding leathers, wet weather gear, licence fees, and lessons, it can be tempting to cut costs where possible.

If you were to purchase a second-hand motorcycle helmet, there's no way of telling how old the helmet is or whether it's been involved in an accident. Don't take a seller's word for it. Not everybody is straight-up and honest.

Sometimes, even if the helmet has been dropped or involved in an accident, there may be no obvious signs from the outer shell. The inner shell is the part of the helmet that absorbs the impact. The impact compresses the inner-shell. They are designed for one-time use only, so if you accidentally drop your helmet from a height of 4ft or more, or have a bike accident where your helmet connects with the ground, it's time for a new one.

Looks come secondary to safety

Of course, you want your new motorcycle helmet to look cool! Who doesn't? But looks should never be placed ahead of safety precautions. A vintage helmet might match your old-school cruiser, but is it going to protect your jaw in the event of an accident? The old adage goes, "Dress for the slide, not the ride!"' You want the best protection for your brain you can get because life with a traumatic brain injury changes EVERYTHING.

Safety ratings

Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) awards a star rating from 1 to 5 for each motorcycle helmet, following independent crash protection and comfort assessments by independent specialist laboratories.

What size motorcycle helmet should I purchase?

Wearing a helmet that's too loose may result in your helmet coming off during a crash, putting you at risk for serious injury. Use a tape measure to. Place it slightly above your ears, where your head is the biggest and use the measurement at the middle of your forehead. Check the sizing guide on the helmet you are interested in and match your measurements to the correct size. Alternatively, you can visit our Gold Coast motorcycle store and one of our experienced team members will measure you up for the correct fit. It can sometimes be hard to measure your own head so ask a friend to help. Take the measurement three times to be sure you have the correct size. If the size you need is not in stock, don't compromise and go up or down a size. Exercise some patience and ask for the helmet to be ordered in for you.

What type of motorcycle helmet is the best?

Motorcycle helmets come in a range of different styles, however, not all styles are created equal 

Full face motorcycle helmets
Complete protection for your entire head that offers extra protection for your jaw. Most of the full face motorcycle feature visors that may be in available in a range of tint, transitional (darker on sunny days and lighter clear when it gets dark) or completely transparent. The visors are usually removable and can be interchanged. If you live in Queensland, the thought of a full face helmet may have you break out in a sweat, but many manufacturers have designed features for increased airflow.

Open face helmets with a chin strap
This style of helmet does not come with chin and face protection, although it still provides good protection across the forehead and back of the skull. By wearing an open face helmet you're at the mercy of the elements such as pelting rain, bugs, dust, wind and debris. And believe us, flying insects or rain at speed can hurt. You could pair your new helmet with a pair of riding goggles, but they must meet Australian safety standards.

Modular helmets
Modular motorcycle helmets are the best of both worlds, a mix of an open face with the full face helmets. Some people believe they were designed so you could have a cigarette while riding, but they are made to flip-up so you can have their helmet closed or open, based on the riding conditions.

Adventure motorcycle helmets
Designed for on-road or off-road adventure dual purpose helmets give you the ability to go from suburban streets to off the beaten track. They are designed to provide increased peripheral view and provide room to wear sunglasses or goggles underneath the helmet.

Motocross helmets
Motocross helmets are superior in shock absorption and feature aerodynamic styling. Carbon fibre and Kevlar combine to be more lightweight. The chin bar on this type of helmet is often extended to protect the rider from debris. Look for a helmet 

How do I know if my motorcycle helmet is a good fit?

A brand new motorcycle helmet should be head-hugging, but not pinch or make your head feel like it's been put in a vice-like grip that you'd consider to be painful. Whether you have a chin strap or full face helmet, it should be snug enough that you are unable to chew gum while wearing it. You may also have difficulty talking clearly (unless you are a ventriloquist). 

Should I go for a bigger sized helmet?

The answer to this question is invariable, no! If you are unable to eat, drink, have your hair in a ponytail, smoke, talk or wear glasses underneath your helmet or you feel like you need more room, you will be compromising your safety if you go up in size. 

If you are not comfortable making an online purchase of a motorcycle helmet, we also have a store on the Gold Coast, located in Helensvale, a short distance from Movieworld. For any queries regarding fitting or styles of motorcycles, please contact our friendly team via email.


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