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Your accumulated SharkBucks are able to be used on purchases from Shark Motorcycle Leathers and Accessories WEBSITE ONLY. SharkBucks will be credited to your account after your initial purchase has been cleared for shipping. To check the balance or accrued SharkBucks, visit the My Account section. Please refer to SharkBucks Rewards Program FAQ and our Terms & Conditions for further information.

SharkBucks Reward Tiers

$100 $5
$200 $10
$400+ $20

SharkBucks FAQ

Can anyone sign up for SharkBucks?
If you have a valid Shark Motorcycle Leathers & Accessories account online, you are eligible for our SharkBucks Rewards Program.

How do I sign up for an Shark Motorcycle Leathers & Accessories account?
Visit our website at and click on account at the top right corner of the website. If you are a new customer, use your email address to sign up for an account. If you are a returning customer, login to your account. SharkBucks will be automatically attributed to your account with your online or in-store spending.

How long do SharkBucks last?
If you do not spend your earned SharkBucks within one year (12 months) from the date of purchase, your SharkBucks will expire and be automatically deducted from your balance. There are no refunds for expired SharkBucks, nor can they be exchanged for cash.

Is shipping and taxes go towards accumulating SharkBucks?
Shipping charges and taxes are not counted towards SharkBucks..

How do I acculumate SharkBucks?
You must be logged into your Shark Leathers customer account or mention it in-store to the cashier to access and redeem your existing SharkBucks Reward Program balance and earn SharkBucks.

SharkBucks Expiration

If you do not spend your earned SharkBucks within one year (12 months) from the date of purchase, your SharkBucks will expire and be automatically deducted from your balance. There are no refunds for expired SharkBucks, nor can they be exchanged for cash or transferred.


If you choose to return a purchase which you have accrued SharkBucks, the amount of SharkBucks accumulated from your returned item will be removed from your account balance upon processing your return.


SharkBucks cannot be earned or redeemed on the following brands:




Terms & Conditions


  1. Signing up for the SharkBucks Rewards Program is free, but we reserve the right to cancel accounts
  2. Shark Leathers may reverse SharkBucks where a transaction is cancelled or a refund given. We also have the right to correct incorrect, invalid SharkBucks or alter due to reversed transactions at any time even if it results in putting your SharkBucks membership account into a negative points balance.
  3. It is your responsibility to lets us know if your personal details change (including, but not limited to, your address, email address or phone number). If your details are incorrect, we may not be able to contact you about your account, offers or rewards, and we may also restrict operations on your account (such as redemption of SharkBucks).
  4. You may terminate your account at any time and for any reason by contacting us, provided you are the account owner. Any SharkBucks accumulated in the account at time of cancellation are forfeited and can not be redeemed for cash or transferred.
  5. You cannot transfer, sell, or give your SharkBucks to any other person.
  6. All products on our website are subject to availability. We are not responsible to you if any product is not available for any reason.
  7. We may use our discretion, make any change we see fit to the SharkBucks Rewards Program, including, without limitation: the SharkBucks you can earn on transactions; the amount of spend required for SharkBucks.
  8. We will give you notice of any change to the Terms and Conditions via the Shark Leathers website; and/or by direct communications sent to members.
  9. Our Privacy Policy is available on our website or by request.
  10. We will not be liable to your for the termination of the SharkBucks Reward Program for any reason including SharkBucks in your account at time of termination.
  11. Any tax, liability, or duty incurred arising from your participation in the SharkBucks Reward Program is your responsibility.
  12. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.
  13. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account login details including your password and for all activity that occurs under your account as a result of ailing to keep this information secure and confidential. You must immediately notify Shark Motorcycle Leathers and Accessories of any breach of your security and unauthorised use of account or password.

refers to the amount of credit accumulated from purchasing products at Shark Motorcycle Leathers & Accessories, either online or in-store.
SharkBucks Rewards Program
Is our exclusive loyalty program managed by Shark Motorcycle Leathers & Accessories under which account holders can accrue credit on qualifying purchases.
Terms and Conditions
means this document, and any other documents referred to in it.