INNOVV is the world’s leading powersport camera manufacturer with the most advanced and compact systems compared to any other global brand.

INNOVV is known for engineering highly reliable, high performing powersport camera systems that never disappoint. INNOVV systems include components of the highest quality ensuring the cameras do not succumb to the exposure of mother nature. INNOVV is the leading hard-wired powersport camera manufacturer around the world. INNOVV is designed and manufactured in China and have appointed Connected Audio Visual Pty Ltd as the exclusive Australian importer/distributor for the INNOVV brand via ‘INNOVV Australia’. Our vision is simple – to cater for the growing security and safety concerns of thousands of Australian riders, by offering high performing, reliable powersport systems using state of the art technology. At INNOVV Australia we offer premium customer service and back up support for our Australian customers. When you purchase a premium product you can expect premium service from us at INNOVV Australia. Our office is located in Kiama NSW and we have reseller stores located in every state across Australia.