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Any claims require an RMA # [return merchandise authorisation number]



If you have received a product that is damaged/defective/faulty at the time of receiving it OR an incorrect product from us, [as an error made by us, a product/item which does not match the product/item that appears on Your invoice], please notify us by email, at help@sharkleathers.com.au or via podium as soon as possible and allow us the opportunity to rectify this

Please state Your Order number, [this appears on Your invoice #N00] - this allows us to look up Your order and view in real time the details of Your order. We may request further information and or photo evidence and once we have verified that there is a problem/issue/error, you will receive an RMA # along with instructions [For orders with erros, we shall provide You with a free RTN postage label}, this can be printed off and attach to Your parcel, ensuring Your RMA is visible on the outside of Your 'Return parcel/package for a speedy resolution

Refunds are entitled or offered for those faulty products that are still within warranty period and that are deemed the fault to be 'major' option to repair/replace is first steps for resolution, only if this is unsuitable, will a refund be given or replacement provided as per Australian Consumer Laws and rights

Consumer Laws - Rights - Australia PDF




You are welcome to contact us if you suspect that your pair of Shark Boots may be faulty. If the age of your boots falls within certain guidelines, they will be inspected/accessed by our team, If they are deemed to be faulty due to a manufacturing or material defect we will happily organise a repair or replacement. This does not include 'mis use' or standard 'wear and tear' due to regular use. 

Please note that Proof Of Purchase must be supplied, there are no exceptions.

It is the customer's responsibility to return the boots/sneakers to us

Our Standard warranty period of most styles is12 months from the date of purchase, though often assessed by 'milage' and frequency of use (Other brands are determined by that brand's warranty)

Boots used for racing or in a racing environment will be shortened to a 3 Month Period for warranty. Sole wear or de-lamination, Velcro, or simple stitching issues are considered to be wear and tear and are not covered under the warranty. Most soles can be replaced or re-bonded, and most stitching Velcro and clips can be repaired or replaced.


Gloves/Jeans/Chinos/Cargos etc:

These items have a limited warranty due to being a high-wear items, but Sharks will happily honor any valid warranty claims, provided a claim is submitted within 90 days of receipt of items. Customers will be required to pre-pay the return shipping, however, we will reimburse you upon successful warranty claim. Worn velcro, sun bleaching fading and or 'stretching' do not fall under 'warranty' these are wear and tear issues.

Upon return receipt of items for a warranty claim, you can expect Shark Leathers Pty Ltd to process your warranty claim within 7 days. Other Brands are determined by that brand's warranty. 
Once the warranty claim is confirmed, keeping within the Consumer laws and rights of Australian Retailers, you will receive or be offered one of the following solutions :

  1.  Repaired [if applicable]
  2. A replacement (if stock is available)
  3. A store credit [no expiry]
  4. A Refund to your original payment method [age and damage dependant]




Under no circumstance can we accept a return or exchange of any helmet that leaves our store [UNLESS it was incorrectly helmet picked & packed by Us] as we cannot guarantee the integrity of a Helmet once it leaves our store, this falls under H&S policies, so please choose carefully, ideally try on before buying where possible, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Incorrect choice of size, colour or style
  • Have changed your mind - no longer need/want
  • Damage to the product by accidentally dropping, not following any user instructions or misuse of the helmet and or any of its parts and or accessories such as visors; vents or straps



Shark Leathers are not responsible for the handling of warranty process of non-Shark Branded products, and therefore turn around or handling periods may vary. Turnaround time for warranty processes largely depends on each Supplier or the distributor's policies. We will do our best to speed up the process, and necessary follow-ups, but please understand the time involved for a warranty claim may include but not be limited to:

  • shipping back to the supplier,
  • The Suppliers performing their own required tests/testing
  • once deemed to either replacement or repair, then the shipping of said item/product back to us for us in turn to freight to You

Any warranty is voided if the returned product is found in any way to be mishandled/physically damaged, installed incorrectly, modified, tampered with, and or used under the wrong voltage, etc. If any item(s) returned for warranty claim is determined to be 'denied', the item(s) will be returned to the customer as is and at their expense.



Consumer Guide - Australia