12 things motorcyclists wished truck and car drivers knew

Motorcycle accident

12 Things motorcyclists wished truck and car drivers knew

Most of our Facebook followers are motorcycle enthusiasts. They purchase safety gear from our Shark Leathers online store or shop at our Gold Coast based store in Helensvale. Our customers come from all walks of lives and live in all different part of the world, but the one thing they have in common is their opinions on what they wished other motorist knew about motorcyclists. We posed the question on our Shark Leathers Facebook page and were surprised with the outpouring of responses. If you haven't joined our Facebook page, we have some fairly robust discussions, lots of giveaways and exclusive coupon code. Check it out. After all, you don't want to develop FOMO.

19% of all road deaths are motorcyclists according to the Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q). So far, right up to March 2019, the road toll is 10.3% higher than last year. Despite all the education at our fingertips and improved safety gear, the fatalities on our roads are still too high. 

The Australian Government reported that from January 1, 2019, to March 30, 2019, 210 deaths on the road were as a result of motorcycle accidents. Could more awareness improve these statistics?

If you drive a car or a truck, pay closer attention because this is 12 things that our Shark Leather shopping motorcyclist wished you knew.

1. You should always head check side roads! Like the truck drivers should do. Cars drivers note: bikes can’t stop as quickly as you.... so treat a bike's stopping distance the same as a truck! Would you pull out in front of a truck?
Marla Jeanne Permewan Hurlimann

2. Always assume that people are idiots and can't drive so then you be careful of them and not so trusting.
Des Stone

3. To car drivers: get a motorcycle licence. To motorcyclists: always have an escape route.
Rory Niquet

4. To car drivers  PUT YA PHONE IN GLOVE BOX 
Ricky Dawson

5. Dear car driver, I’m not trying to race you from the lights. I pull up in the centre as to not be squashed in case of a car nose-2-tail. I am trying to keep out of harm's way as much as possible
Christopher John

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6.  Car drivers - treat motorbike Learners the same as you would if they were in a car... give me some space!
Kat Nicholls

7. Car drivers; take some responsibility for your actions texting and talking on mobile phones is NOT being responsible.
Greg Ashcroft

8. Check your mirrors and shoulder check before changing lanes, indicating also helps! Take the bloody headphones and earphones out of your ears and listen to your surroundings. Leave gaps between you and the vehicle in front- don’t tailgate. I think I’ve said enough 
Matthew Wiltshire

9. Open your driver door with your opposite hand, ensuring you look over your shoulder to check for bikes... a Dutch piece of genius
Daniel Gallant

10Don't 'tailgate' a motorbike...if they come off you will run straight over them. Too many cars do this.
Jenny Butcher

11. Dear car driver, while I appreciate the fact that you are trying to move over to let me pass on narrow roads generally it is not needed. In fact, it is more dangerous for everyone if you do as when your wheels drop off the bitumen into the gravel you spray the road and rider with rocks also you run the risk of losing control of your car. I am on a motorcycle and as such, I can pass you in the blink of an eye at any time I see a safe spot to do so. Please, when you see me in your mirrors drive as normal. Just don’t do anything silly.
John Speldewinde

12. Always leave a few minutes earlier to get to your destination so that way you are not rushing. Put your phone away, preferably in the boot
Corry Price

Unfortunately, car motorists aren't always going to heed the advice from motorcyclists, so to protect yourself we recommend always riding wearing protective motorcycle gear. Shop our range today.