How to choose motorcycle pants

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Choosing motorcycle pants is no easy feat with lots of styles and designs to choose from. Do you want to wear a casual style jean with protection lining or are you looking for pants that are going to keep you dry during a downpour? Or do you prefer cargo chinos? The choices are endless, but it does come down to the type of riding you normally do.

1. Amateur or pro racing

When you're riding at high speeds, you need protective pants. Protective pants are generally abrasion-resistant and lined. So in the case of an accident, it reduces cuts, road rash and gashes.  They are also heat-resistant. For example Kevlar is fire-resistant. Once you remove the source of fire, the pants don't burn. Most protective pants contact Kevlar fibre or lining. It also helps you avoid burns from the engine and exhaust pipe. According to,au, standard denim jeans last 0.6 seconds in contact with road surface, compared to the four seconds minimum for  CE-approved pants.

2. Roadtrips with friends

Get motorcycle pants that are fitted. Some newbie bikers believe that on long trips a relaxed fit might be more comfortable, but if the pants are too loose and baggy, they'll flap in the wind which can be distracting.

3. Commuting to and from work/occasional dinner with friends

Cargo chinos or Kevlar lined jeans are a great solution for the casual commuter. Dressy enough for dinner, tough enough to provide protection if you come off the bike.

4. Dirtbikes and off road

When you're dirt biking, you need the ultimate protection. Functionality is just as important as fit. Looking for a full mesh lining to draw sweat away from the skin and stretch panels for ease of movement.

What fabric is best for motorcycle pants?

There are generally three styles of fabric to choose from. Denim, leather and textile (or sometimes referred to as synthetic).

Leather motorcycle pants
Leather has always been a favourite for motorcycle pants. They can come in a range of different leathers such as cowhide, buffalo hide or kangaroo hide. Kangaroo hide is more lightweight but is tougher than the other choices. Leather pants repel water and also provide protection from fire. In the event of a slide, it can protect you from soft tissue and skin injuries, as well as debris that flicks up off the road while you’re riding. Providing you look after your leather motorcycle pants according to the manufacturer’s instructions, they will last you for years to come.

When you live in a tropical climate with intense humidity and generally warm weather most of the year around, leather pants can cause you to overheat. In this case, textile pants may be a better option.

Textile motorcycle pants
Motorcycle pants can be manufactured from a combination of materials such as polyester, nylon and Kevlar. These pants are lightweight compared to leather and easily able to take you from racing at the track straight to dinner at a restaurant. They’re easy to care and while some brands may offer some water-resistance, they’re not designed to keep you dry. In wet weather, you may need to wear a rain suit over the top.

For those days where you’re commuting to work or meeting friends for a casual catch up, motorcycle jeans with Kevlar lining are a great solution to motorcycle pants. Alternatively, you can wear a pair of your own fashion jeans with Kevlar fibre leggings to ensure you still have some protection from road rash. They generally don’t have the protection on your knees, hips and thighs