Buying guide: How to purchase motorcycle boots

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Buying guide: How to choose motorcycle boots

If it’s time to give the boot to your old bike boots and you’re looking for the best motorcycle boots money can buy, our buying guide will help you find a wheelie-good pair of bike boots (geddit!?) that will give you value for money.

There’s an art to choosing a good pair of motorcycle boots, what looks the coolest may not always be necessarily the most comfortable. The type of boots you choose will be determined by what kind of riding you do. Are they for commuting to and from the office, and you want to be able to have protective boots that are comfy to wear all day? Or will you be bush-bashing and going off the beaten path. Whatever motorcycle boot you choose has a few functions to fill.

If you’re meeting friends after work or letting some steam off by going for a ride into Surfers Paradise where you’re going to meet friends for a meal, the last thing you want to do is be walking around Cavill Ave in a pair of heavy bike boots. In instances like this, a normal sturdy leather boot won’t provide you with the protection you need in the case of an accident.

At Shark Leathers, we have the perfect combination of bike boot in the form of a casual sneaker-type boot. They’re exceptionally lightweight and comfortable enough to walk the streets should you decide to go for a post-dinner wander.

In this buying guide to help you determine what motorcycle boots are the best fit, we will look at the different safety aspects.

Why can’t I just buy ordinary leather boots instead of expensive motorcycle boots?

From outer appearances, you may be mistaken in thinking all motorcycle boots are created equal, and why not just use a cheaper, sturdy leather boot.
Most motorcycle boots have rider-specific features that aren’t visible to the untrained eye, such as shock absorbing heel cups, techno mesh lining designed to wick sweat away, so your feet don’t overheat and feel swampy and slip-resistant heels.

When it comes to motorcycle boots, the old adage rings true - you pay for what you get (Unless of course at Shark Leathers we’ve got a sale on run out models of boots and then you’ll scarcely believe the prices).

What are the best types of motorcycle boots?

There’s no easy answer to the best types of motorcycle boots as there is a wide range of styles and designs available such as shorty boots, tall boots and even motorcycle boots.

Harness or Engineer Boots are one of the more commonly worn boots, even though they’ve been around since the 1930s. They are rugged, sturdy and usually about 25-30cm in height, but can vary. These boots use a strap that wraps around the foot or across the in-step.

Shorty motorcycle boots
The name stems from being a great deal shorter than most styles of motorcycle boots. They are tall enough to protect your ankle and provide the protection you demand from a motorcycle boot without losing the comfort aspect. They look dressy enough to be mistaken for a regular leather boot, and you won’t look like Robocop. They don’t have shin protection.


Tall boots
If you want added protection for your calves, then you can’t beat a good tall motorcycle boot Ideal with wet weather and winter months (unless you don’t feel the cold or you live in the tropical north of Australia).

Motocross boots
Okay the look hella cool, but they’re not really designed for walking long distances. They provide the best protection for your legs, calves and ankles. If you’re riding off the beaten path this is the second most important piece of safety equipment next to having a helmet.

What you need to think about before buying motorcycle boots?

When you purchase motorcycle boots, they need to cover your ankles. This prevents you from getting burns should you accidentally rest for your foot on hot pipes, and your ankles are protected from gravel rash and the sudden force of impacting with the road, should you come off. Look for boots that have the endurance of leather, but also feature linings that absorb the sweat and removable insoles, so once your boots get smelly, you can replace them or at least wash them for fresh-smelling feet.

If the shaft of the boot comes up above the back of your knee, they can be really uncomfortable, so when you’re buying motorcycle boots make sure the shaft is below the back of the knee.

Look for heel protection, toe protection as well as read the sizing guides. It should tell you if the style of boot is generally wider or narrower than standard boots.

Will tall motorbike boots fit my calves?

Being born with Mal Meninga-sized calves, it’s important to measure the circumference of your calves and make sure the boots are going to comfortably fit your legs, especially if you plan to purchase tall boots. You can use a standard tape measure, but be sure to take the measurements while wearing your riding gear. There’s no point measuring your bare calf and then finding once you’re wearing a leather racing suit or Kevlar lined jeans that the boots are cutting off the blood flow to your brain.

Most tall boots allow for calves up to 42.1cm. If your calves are bulkier than that, we would highly recommend you invest in a pair of custom made boots.


Each motorcycle boot on our Shark Leathers website has a sizing guide. Use it to convert your shoe size to the size of the motorcycle boot you need. If you need any further help on boot choice or sizing, feel free to contact our staff.