Understanding how pre-orders work

Understanding how pre-orders work main image Understanding how pre-orders work image

Understanding how pre-orders work

Pre-orders can save you anywhere up to 80% on some of our Shark Leather products. Each week, we advertise a couple of items that are available on pre-order. Pre-order means the stock hasn't arrived in store yet, but if you are an early bird and get your order in BEFORE we place our order with the manufacturer, then as a reward you'll get the goods at a reduced price.

Once the pre-order is finished, the price on that item goes back up to the full price. Ordering on pre-order means there is a waiting period. The waiting period can vary from 4-6 weeks before it gets dispatched. Should you order a protective hoodie on pre-order if you need it in 4 weeks and you hope it turns up on time? No, probably not. Rest assured, if you purchase a pre-order, as soon as the stock is available, it will be dispatched to your address.

It's important to be patient and allow for delays. Sometimes, due to circumstances out of our control (customs, manufacturer delays), you pre-order may take a little longer, it's not because we have forgotten you. 

Many customers forget the waiting period or don't read the terms and conditions of pre-orders. By pre-ordering products from our website, it is assumed you have agreed to the terms and conditions listed..

Why are prices on pre-orders so cheap?

We are able to discount prices because we can order in bulk, The orders go on an order list. Once there are 100 orders in the list or the pre-order deadline is reached (usually a week), we will then place the order with our manufacturer. This allows the manufacturer to offer us super low prices.

Please allow a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks* for manufacturing. Your order will be packed and dispatched immediately once we receive the goods.

Terms and conditions:

• It is up to the consumer to read and understand how Pre-Order Specials work before purchasing. If you have any questions please email enquiries@sharkleathers.com.au

• Please note cancellation of pre-orders Items will carry a 20% fee once items are in the manufacturing stage.

• Please note there are no refunds or exchanges on pre-order Items as we order these items from directly from the manufacturer as per the orders we receive. You may, however, request to exchange a pre-order item for the same item in store. Payment for the difference in price will be required.